Global Aquaculture Market: Rising Food Fish Demand

Global Aquaculture market is increasingly expanding on the back of multiple factors such as rising demand for aquatic species for human consumption, penetration of technology in aquaculture, growth of ‘blue economy’, global food security and the government & NGOs support in the increasing the aquaculture potential and achieving global 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development.

“Global Aquaculture Market 2025”

According to Techleagues Research Team, global aquaculture market was estimated to be valued at USD 240.0 billion in 2017, which is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 5.4% during the forecast period 2017-2025. Global aquaculture market is largely being influenced by the demand for food fish from across the world. Moreover to supplement this demand, inland aquaculture has the major global share i.e. 64.1%.

Global Aquaculture Industry: Asia Pacific Aquaculture Scenario

Asia pacific region has largest market share in world aquaculture industry. Fisheries & aquaculture sector constitutes considerable share of the region’s economy. The climatic change, geographical location of the countries and economic development activities among others is driving the APAC aquaculture sector. Moreover in 2017, FAO-APFIC regional consultation on “Building climate resilient fisheries and aquaculture in Asia Pacific” was convened to support the national & regional partners in taking actions on climate change resilience & impact adaptation.

Sustainable Development of Mediterranean and Black Sea Aquaculture

Witnessing the present trends in the aquaculture production, seafood consumption & national strategies on aquaculture, it is anticipated that demand food fish might shoot up in near future and it will require crucial steps towards social, economic and environmental sustainability of the sector. It is required to promote blue economy in the Black Sea & Mediterranean & develop strategies for food security. The strategies includes, regulatory & administrative framework, environment & animal health & welfare & focusing market oriented aquaculture.

“Global Aquaculture Market 2025” contains detailed overview of the global aquaculture market in terms of market segmentation by culture environment, species type, aquaculture system, end user & geography.

Further the global aquaculture market report is targeted to support the aquaculture producers, suppliers, distributors, importers & exporters. For the in-depth analysis, the report also encompasses the industry growth drivers, opportunities, challenges, risk analysis, market attractiveness, BPS (Base Point Scale) analysis, Porter’s five force model and SWOT analysis.

Aquaculture market report also provides competitive outlook for some of the major players which includes profiling of companies such as Cermaq Group AS (Mitsubishi Corporation), Grupo Farallon Aquaculture, Leroy Sea Food Group, Cooke Aquaculture Inc., Marine Harvest ASA, P/F Bakkafrost, Stolt Sea Farm, Selonda Aquaculture S.A., Tassal Group Limited, Thai Union Group Public Company Limited, Blue Ridge Aquaculture, Eastern Fish Co., International Fish Farming Co.-Asmak, Huon Aquaculture Group Pty Ltd., RoyMarine Harvest ASA, Promarisco, Nireus Aquaculture S.A., Stehr Group Pty Ltd., etc.

The company profiles in the report include business strategies, geographical revenue distribution and key information of the companies that encompasses business outlook, products & services, financial analysis of the company and recent developments.

Overall, the report represents comprehensive synopsis on the aquaculture market that will help industry consultants, existing players searching for expansion opportunities, new players searching possibilities, traders & suppliers and other stakeholders to align their market centric strategies as per the ongoing market trends and anticipated opportunities in the future.

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